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    In a world where the current bunsiess ideology seems to be about maximizing short term profits, climbing over others, and getting the maximum return possible with the minimal effort or investment Larry Burkett draws a sharp contrast.Using referenced Biblical principles throughout the book Mr. Burkett outlines what it means to run a bunsiess by God’s standards. This does not mean becoming a non-profit or lossing money but it does mean completely changing the way we view the bunsiess, our employees and customers, and our role as bunsiess leaders. The principles laid out are challenging and often contrary to the advice you are used to hearing.I found it to be an extremely useful and informative resource that helped me to see how I could not only run a bunsiess successfully, but also not sacrifice my concience or ideals. One of the primary tenents of this book is that we are stewards of the resources God gave us, meaning that the money we have and the bunsiess we may own ultimately belong to God, not us, and he has entrusted us with them to use in a manner he would approve of. If you are comfortable with this premise I believe you will enjoy the book and find it challenging. If you are not comfortable with this premise you will probably have difficulty accepting the concepts he has outlined.

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