Jóvenes, Europa no puede arreglarlo todo


-¿Qué motivo tiene un joven español para creer en Europa? ¿Qué le dice a los que no encuentran trabajo?

Lo primero que les diría es que no se puede pedir a Europa que lo arregle todo. No somos una nación europea, no hay un pueblo europeo. Hay pueblos nacionales con identidades y reglas. La aspiración [de la UE] de paz y democracia ha sido llevada a cabo. Muy cerca de nosotros, donde no hay UE, como en los Balcanes, a menudo hay guerras y muy poco habitualmente democracia. Les digo a los jóvenes: utilizad este espacio que es la UE para estudiar, visitad distintos países, vivid experiencias, cread una empresa, aprovechad el mercado de 500 millones de consumidores. Les pido a los jóvenes que vean el resto del mundo: es frágil, inseguro, inestable. ¿Cómo podemos defender nuestros valores en el mundo si nos replegamos en nuestras fronteras? Si no estamos juntos, dejaremos de existir.

Entrevista a Michel Barnier, aspirante a presidir la Comisión Europea. Más, aquí

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  • Michal |

    My story is somewhat coulovnted, but there seems to be a thread running through it.As a child, I was always interested in how things worked and how things were made. I was always fixing and modifying things and taking things apart. My dad made sure that my brother and I had hand tools and workbenches. I had my very own electric drill (Sunbeam 1/4 fixed speed-I still have it.) For my 11th birthday, my dad got me a Fentone VOM (they didn’t have DMM’s in those days).If I couldn’t figure out something on my own, I went to the local library and took out books in what interested me to learn how to do or make something. I don’t remember the reason, but I wanted to do some glass blowing and the natural gas bunsen burner that I had made (we had gas in the house and my dad let me install a gas valve with a hose bibb on it!) just did not get hot enough. I found a book in the library about blow pipes (Enoch Pratt Free Library System) and built my own blow pipe to run from natural gas and oxygen. Since I did not have a source of oxygen, I made my own using electrolysis and vented the excess hydrogen to atmosphere (hydrogen just sounded too dangerous for me). I became interested in electronics when the first transistors came out (2N107 GE, CK722 Raytheon). I read all the popular ____ magazines that I could find. I bought all the parts that I could afford from mowing lawns, painting houses, fixing radio’s, HiFi’s, and TV’s. When I reached high school, I was fortunate enough to have a three year program of electronics that was taught by a teacher that was only a little older than us kids. He taught about the same material as we would have gotten in Junior college. When I went to college, I did not pick engineering as a major. I did not want to spend two years taking classes before I could touch my first resistor. I started out in Electronics Technology later on having the plan to transfer to secondary education so I could teach electronics maybe even at the junior college level. I finished two years of tech school and did not have enough credits to graduate because my course selections were based on transferring to secondary education major. I transferred to secondary education and took a lot of courses that I really enjoyed, graphic arts, woodworking, photography, sheet metal work, machine shop, foundry, welding, blacksmith, architechtural drafting, machine drawing, and then education courses. By the time I reached my senior year, I realized that I loved building things, but that I was not suited to working with a classroom full of kids (Myers-Briggs INTJ) and I won the lottery (no not the $, the Selective Service in 1972) The Army taught me to type. I was married when I was in the Army, so when I got out, I found a job servicing medical equipment in the very first trauma unit. Eventually, I made my way to a company that was manufacturing physical therepy equipment. I eventually got promoted to Research Engineer after designing electronic physical therapy equipment-muscle stimulators, theraputic ultrasound, programmable traction, computerized rehabilitation equipment and diathermy. I did take classes here and there (with an Engineering Major), but I never did get my EE.

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